Windows 95 Running On Xbox One? What A Time To Be Alive

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chris-littlechild - May 20, 2016

  As you’ve probably noticed, some PC gamers have themselves a bit of a superiority complex. These guys sit in their super-comfy la-z-boy computer chairs, like it’s some kind of pimped out throne (imagine something Kanye would have in his living room), declaring themselves the ‘master race.’ 

On the one hand, sure, a good gaming rig’s tech is lightyears ahead of a console’s. They could take a PS4 or Xbox One’s goddamn lunch money any day of the week. A mouse and keyboard is just plain better for some games, too. Even with all of that said, though, who gives two effs what system others use to game on? There’s enough douchery on the Internet as it is.

Anyway, here’s something to silence the console naysayers once and for all. The mighty Xbox One is now partying like it’s 1995, and it’s a hell of a sight. Oh yes. Windows 95 running on the system. This is the future right here, gents. The future is now, and the future is twenty years ago.

Specifically, Eurogamer reports, we’re talking ‘…an Xbox One running Dosbox, the virtual DOS machine app, from which Windows 95 and other software can be run.’

For now, this can only be done on developer consoles, not retail ones (‘…on such devices you can already load custom apps built for the Universal Windows Platform standard, which work across Windows 10 devices’), but it’s pretty neat nonetheless. There’s a lot of potential for UWP when it hits this Summer, beyond playing Solitaire and Minesweeper on current-gen.

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