Window Socket Concept: Get Ready to Plug and Play

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bill-swift - May 7, 2013

Life would suck without electricity. Without it, you'd have nothing to power your laptops--and as a result, nothing to fap to every night. You'll have to learn to live without video games and your iPhone, and learn to socialize with people in person again. Okay, so that last bit doesn't sound so bad, but everything else pretty much sucks.

That's the kind of future we're all looking at though, if people can't reduce their power consumption and the higher-ups can't find an alternative to oil.

With this predicament in mind, designers Kyuho Song and Boa Oh set out to work on the Window Socket concept that harnesses solar energy that is transformed into electricity by a converter. The compact plug, which is supposed to be stuck on a window, can then be used to power up whatever device you want to charge up or use.

Sounds like a pretty sweet idea, although it's far from becoming a reality at this point. But hey--it's good to know we've got some alternatives.

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