Will Training Camp Please Start? Too Many Guys Are Getting Arrested!

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bill-swift - July 18, 2012

We love watching these guys on Sundays. We love to see them break through the hole and run for glory. We love to see them bull doze members of the secondary brave enough to try to tackle them. We love to see them do what they do so well--run.

So why can't these idiots run from the police a little better?

If there is one position in the NFL that it pays to be it is running back. On Monday two of the best in the game finally got their new contracts, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens and Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears (both around $8 million a year). While some guys are getting rich, other guys are getting busted.

Over the last couple weeks there seems to have been an unusually high number of incidents involving NFL players, especially running backs:

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks: Lynch was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (July 14) after a traffic stop. This could prove fatal for the Seahawks who count on their running game to survive. Since Lynch is not a first time offender, the possible (or should we say probable) suspension could be harsh.

Dion Lewis, Philadelphia Eagles: he and his brother got a hotel in Albany on Saturday, July 7, since they knew they were going to be drinking and didn't want to drive. Without their room key they couldn't get back into the lobby so pulled the fire alarm (felony). Dion got out, but since his brother has a record he was kept in jail.

Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings: According to police, good ol' AP didn't want to leave the club (July 7) when he was told and opted to square off and fight the police instead. He was holding his own against two of them, but when a third got involved he was done. Of course he's claiming he's done nothing wrong, but if you've seen his picture from that night there is one thing that is clear--the man was messed up!

The Other Guys

If you look beyond the running back position the outlook gets even more bleak for the NFL. Over the weekend, Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil was busted for aggravated assault with a firearm (July 14). The man is trying to claim innocence, but it's not looking good. First, he tried to lie to police and say there was no gun in the car (duh, you know they're going to search it). Now he's trying to say that it wasn't his. Does that defense ever work for pot smokers?

Dez Bryant might take the cake though. No, he isn't pulling a Sam Hurd here. Nor did he drive drunk, kill anyone, threaten the president, or make fun of gay people. He hit his momma (reports say he slapped her and pulled her hair). He was arrested Monday on charges of domestic violence.

And these are only the arrests in the last couple weeks! There is still Kiante Tripp of the Cleveland Browns (threatened people and then ransacked an apartment); Eric Wright of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (driving under the influence)--and that's just in July!

Players will not start reporting to training camp till Monday, July 23, at the earliest. That means we have one more weekend for these guys to get in trouble. At the rate they are going these last couple weeks I can only imagine what's next. Is Chris Johnson going to get busted holding Kenny Britt's weed? Is NFL commish Roger Goodell going to be busted driving under the influence?

I don't know.What I do know is that we need training camp to start now before too many more guys get in trouble.

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