‘Wild Guns’ Is Back, Dropping the Wild West Shooter You Didn’t Know Your PS4 Needed

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chris-littlechild - May 16, 2016

  The current gen consoles have been bolstering their libraries with some pretty darn sexy stuff of late. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen lose-bowel-control-exciting blockbusters like Dark Souls III, Doom and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Most of them aren’t exclusive to either Xbox One or PS4, true enough, but it’s a damn good time all round nonetheless.  

Brand spanking new releases aside, though, let’s not forget that this is the age of the reboot. The remaster. The HD edition. We’re up to our scrotes in this sort of thing, and there’s more and more excuse for it just now. A lot of big franchises are reaching milestone anniversaries now (Resident Evil is twenty years old this year, for instance), and these guys never miss a chance to cash in for that sort of thing.

Then again, sometimes the reboots just come out of no-effing-where, and you have to just deal. I sure didn’t see the resurrection of 1989 side-scroller Shadow of the Beast coming, but it’s on its way regardless. With that, retro gamers everywhere were left wondering what the hell’s being disinterred next. Well, now they can stop wondering, because I’m about to tell them.

Remember 1994’s Wild Guns? This SNES shooter took a Wild West approach to the Sin and Punishment style of guntastic, and is a kind of cult classic today. Over the weekend, Nastsume confirmed on Twitter that they’ll be rebooting the title for PlayStation 4, with details promised for next month’s E3.

That’s all we’ve got to go on so far. Still, Wild Guns is a relic of a pretty-well-dead genre, and this new release is definitely one to keep an ogling eye on. If this classic stuff is your bag.


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