WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Tells Everyone to Buzz Off and End the ‘Witch Hunt’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 21, 2012

WikiLeaks stunned the world time and again when it posted top-secret government files, cables, and videos for the world to see. Some people called it heroic and courageous, while others criticized its founder Julian Assange of leaking sensitive and classified information.

No countries were spared WikiLeak's declared transparency. And despite statements condemning his acts, they can do little against him. Or did they?

In 2010, a warrant was issued against Assange for rape. Many people believed that it was in connected to WikiLeaks, while others believed that it was what it was: a crime.

Long story short, Julian Assange has been on the run and he's finally turned to the one place that allowed him to step into their doors: Ecuador's embassy in London. And that's to the outrage of a lot of folks and the British government, who say that this isn't what the Vienna Convention was written up for.

Hiding behind Ecuador's doors, Assange finally emerged yesterday and issued a statement. Well, mostly he told President Obama to stop the 'witch hunt' on WikiLeaks and to leave him in peace. I guess he has a point. Even if the warrant is for the rape case, I have little doubt that the countries that feel that they've been wronged by WikiLeaks and Assange won't try their very best to extradite him to their country for trial.

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