Wii Sports and Wii-ing Themselves in Retirement Homes: Why Grandmas Suck at Video Games

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chris-littlechild - October 9, 2012

Profuse apologies for the humor circa 2005 in the title, but it was certainly warranted. Who doesn't enjoy taking the piss (there's another one!) out of pensioners' notorious incontinence? Who?

When they aren't otherwise engaged in such shenanigans as shuffling along the sidewalk at three-eighths of the pace of a sloth (that's stopped for a shit) or relaying their convoluted life history to the unfortunate cashier in the grocery store, OAPs revel in a certain savoir faire attitude to new technology. These old bastards' deft command of the latest gadgetry is remarkable to behold, as they wire up their freshly-purchased gleaming chrome implement and are attempting to toast a sandwich with it in mere moments.

Alas, upon closer scrutiny, it's actually a DVD player.

Pensioners, as we know, are as adept with today's technological advances of mass wonderment as they are at getting erections ("I've taken the viagra, Barbara! It's up! Get it in, quick! Keep quiet, you might scare it away!"). As such, what kind of hideous face as wrinkled as a dog's scrotum spectacle will they make of themselves when presented with a games console? Find the hilarious/disconcerting answer to that query in the gallery.