Why We Should Build A Death Star

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

The White House recently shot down a petition to build a Death Star. They said that since it would cost $8,100,000,000,000,000, which is 8 quadrillion dollars by the way, and that since that figure is 130 times the GDP of the entire Earth it's unaffordable. You will recall that the Death Star was the moon-like space station built by the Empire in the Star Wars series. The big laser on the station was capable of blowing up a planet. Now, I understand the argument that it would cost too much money to build a Death Star. I also get that there isn't really a point as we are not aware of other planets or civilizations, so the ability to destroy a planet is useless. OK, I see that...but I still think it's a mistake. I think that we should build a Death Star. Hear me out.

In order for a Death Star to be built every nation on Earth would have to take part. So, world peace would be necessary in order for every country to participate. It's like when a shared project brings disparate enemies together for a shared goal. Another reason to build a Death Star is jobs. Since 2008 we've had a pretty high unemployment rate which is even higher in many countries around the world. Building a Death Star would take millions if not billions of people working in its construction. Instant jobs! Not to mention the extensive skilled labor training it would require. "At ITT Tech learn how to weld in zero gravity in only 5 months!", etc. Now you have a trade for life. As for it costing more than the combined GDP of every country on Earth, it wouldn't necessarily be so. If every country is working in unison to build this thing then their GDP is caught up in the creation of the Death Star. Therefor the world economy would become dependent almost exclusively on the battle station's construction which basically makes it recession proof. Unless a pitiful band of rebels blows it up...twice.

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