Why the New York Jets Would Have Been Great on ‘Hard Knocks’

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

It was not surprising to find out that the New York Jets were interested in being on Hard Knocks this season. It was surprising to find out that head coach Rex Ryan was the one that did not want the team to do the show. While fans might have hoped to see theTim Tebow/Mark Sanchez battle unfold on television, HBO opted to go with the Miami Dolphins instead (it premieres August 7th, by the way).

Nothing against the Dolphins; with a QB battle of their own and Chad Johnson ready to entertain the masses I'm sure this season of Hard Knocks will be just as good as any. However, if you've been following any of the training camp tidbits that have hit the news/internet it's pretty clear that the Jets would have made for a pretty great show.

The following are just a few things that would have made for great television:

Rex Ryan is the Greatest: the now semi-slender coach (Ryan has lost over 100 pounds) proclaimed himself the best defensive coach in the NFL, and now that he has all the pieces he wants he is going to prove it (his defense was No 5 overall last season).

Tim Tebow is Too Sexy For His Shirt: He is a back up QB that gets more attention than the majority of the starting QBs in the NFL. So much that when the man takes off his shirt in the rain before jogging in after practice it makes the news. Bart Scott wondered if maybe it was holy water...

Jets Fans Are True New Yorkers: Tim Tebow may be beloved by all, but that didn't stop fans from letting him have it when he struggled during a team drill. They don't care who he's tight with; a bad pass is a bad pass in their minds.

Antonio Cromartie, WR?: Apparently the fertile Cromartie is being worked into the offensive game plan some this year.

What in the World will Tebow Do?: Is he going to play in the Wildcat? Redzone? Punt? Personal protector? Fumble-rooskie?  No one knows but Rex Ryan what role Tim Tebow will have on Sundays (if any) and he isn't telling (but everyone keeps asking).

My Name is Mark: Mark Sanchez has been taking the addition of Tim Tebow to the roster in stride, so much so that when he was called Tim recently by a reporter he simply smiled and corrected her.

And training camp has just started!

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