Why ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Sucked (SPOILERS)

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

Critics and fans have been falling all over themselves looking for superlatives to describe Christopher Nolan's final instalment to the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises.

People have labelled it the better movie out of itself, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, citing that that it's quality has made Nolan's reboot the greatest trilogy ever created over The Godfather, Star Wars and Toy Story collections.

But was it actually so great?

Maybe, we need to reexamine it and decide if it deserves so many superlative. Here are several reasons why The Dark Knight Rises might have actually, hush-hush, sucked!

As you'd expect, there are spoilers ahoy!

It could have been any film - Maybe it was because he spent the first half of the movie struggling around on a cane and the second part getting his ass kicked but it did seems like Batman's personality didn't really get a chance to blossom in The Dark Knight Rises. In fact with Gordon being hospitalised and Alfred buggering off it really didn't feel like a Batman film at all! Expect for the huge Bat flying through the sky. Even Bruce Wayne's nemesis felt like he could have been plucked from any other film, in fact ...

Bane - It was always going to be hard for Tom Hardy to leave an impact on The Dark Knight Rises, what with Heath Ledger's Joker being one of the greatest villains ever portrayed on screen. However even when considering all of this, Bane was still a huge disappointment. Forget the fact that you couldn't hear half of what he was saying but he had absolutely no charisma and Hardy's performance was blocked by his huge mask and Talia al Ghul's reveal just rendered him obsolete.

Too many supporting characters - Ok, it's not like The Dark Knight Rises was Spider-Man 3 and deflated due to the amount of character arcs that it had to carry. But the introduction of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake, Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle and Marion Cotillard's Miranda Tate alongside Bane left little time for any of the established characters to flourish.

Needless scenes - It was pretty obvious as soon as Alfred described his idyllic Italian scenario that this was how the film would conclude. Come on, we all saw it coming! Was there any need for Nolan to ruin it like this? Couldn't he have been a little subtler? Also did the caped crusader need to be down in the prison pit for so long and surely Bruce Wayne could have just told Drake that he was wrong over his assumption that Bruce was Batman. All of this should have just been replaced with repeated shots of Anne Hathaway climbing onto the Bat bike, over and over and over again.

Overly comic booky - I know that it's source material is several comic books, but come on! Every police officer got trapped under the city? And there's only one man in the world who can stop the bomb? Also, I doubt the government would have given up so quickly too! Or maybe I'm just too cynical and should appreciate that The Dark Knight Rises was actually amazing!