Why I Think J-Lo Deserves Her 2013 Razzie Award

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bill-swift - January 12, 2013

The nominations for the annual Razzie awards came out this week and as a surprise to no one who actually saw the film, Jennifer Lopez was nominated for worst supporting actress for What to Expect When You're Expecting. The Razzies are a parody of the Oscars that are doled out every year for the the worst turds that Hollywood defecated on American audiences. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 justifiably leads with 12 nominations. Don't get us wrong, Breaking Dawn 2 was friggin' horrible. I wanted to punch Kristen Stewart in her dead fish/horse face until she showed emotion. But there was something so bad in J-lo's performance that I think she has a good shot.

Jen previously won a worst actress Razzie for her role as a bi-sexual private investigator in the abomination known as Gigli. Just the fact that Hollywood made a narrative film of What to Expect is a problem. At least Twilight is a book with a story, albeit a terrible one. What to expect When You're Expecting is a how-to/reference guide to being knocked-up. Jen's acting was her patented mix of two varying styles. She either whispers all her lines or she gets all Puerto Rican Bronx and screams like she's "Jenny from the Block". I don't understand why Jen keeps getting cast in anything. She's just not good. Nor is she the draw that she was 10 years ago. Jen's been coasting on her decent performance in Selena for the last 20 years. She should stick to singing and having a big booty.

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