Why Do They Keep Making Movies Based On Video Games?

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bill-swift - February 1, 2013

A director has been picked for the Warcraft movie. Yes, that Warcraft. Duncan Jones, who directed Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal, has been hired to direct the movie based on the popular online game. It's going to cost an estimated 100 million. But here is the thing: there has never been a movie based on a video game that didn't suck. Not just suck. Suck donkeys for quarters. Think about it. The live action Super Mario Brothers with Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper? Suck. The Mortal Combat movie? REAAALLLY SUCKED. Last year's Battleship? Maybe the worst thing that's ever happened in human history. For reasons that make absolutely no sense, Hollywood keeps greenlighting these turds. We all know that movie execs have the mental capacity of a pinheaded reces monkey with a lobotomy. But you'd think they would have learned by now that video game movie = suck. Not only are they bad films, they also tend to lose money. I submit to you the above video from the box office bomb Battleship. It's worse than leprosy.

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