Why Do I Keep Watching “Girls”? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 13, 2013

Hollywood is tripping over itself kissing Lena Dunham's doughy ass for her wildly popular HBO series Girls. The show, about the  rich White people problems of four girls, has tapped into the zeitgeist like nothing in recent memory. I watched the first season of the show and was drawn in after a few episodes. I myself live in Brooklyn and work in the arts, so believe me I know the world Dunham is portraying. The thing I think the show does really well is show how privileged, hipster artists that create no art, living in Brooklyn live and behave. Unlike Sex and the City, which lured thousands of girls to NYC with the lie that they would become Carrie Bradshaw, Girls is an accurate portrayal of life in New York. The show was widely criticized for having only white, privileged whiny, characters. You know why? Because Brooklyn hipsters are 98% white, privileged, and whiny. While the show's strength is that it's a true to life show about annoying Brooklyn hipster a-holes, it's biggest weakness is that it is a true to life show about annoying Brooklyn hipster a-holes. That and that Lena Dunham is naked ALL THE TIME.

Watching season 2 makes this clear. Dunham seems to be purposefully making us hate the protagonists, if we didn't already. My ass started to twitch with the same blinding rage and annoyance at the characters that I feel when I hear their real life counterparts discussing their "Art" or "Craft" or "Journey" at local coffee shops. I basically tune in every week to be bothered by the same jackasses that I try to avoid in the real world. While people who don't live here may find the world of the show fascinating, I'm here to tell you that this isn't a unique set of people. I know every single character on that show, even the minor ones. I have also wanted to hit the people I know that remind me of those characters with a cinderblock from time to time. But my biggest problem is Lena Dunham's nudity. Seriously, sweetheart we don't want to see your pasty-white lumpy Play-Doh-like body anymore. Maybe you are working through some body issues by writing yourself in constant nude scenes, but do you have to make the rest of us suffer through it? You look like a tube of cookie dough that was squeezed in the middle and is popping out of the wrapper.

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