Why Do Dudes Fight Over Halle Berry? Just Look at a Bunch of Her Hottest Body Pictures And You’ll Know Why

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bill-swift - November 28, 2012

Just look at what happened to the face of the pretty model boy former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry when he duked it out with current Euro-male hunky actor Olivier Martinez over at the Halle Berry home over Thanksgiving. This only goes to show two things. First, even actors can kick male models' asses. My six-year old niece could lay waste to pretty much the GQ Top 100 male models in a single evening. Second, men like to fight over hot women, oh, since the dawn of time. And that sextastic woman happens to be Halle Berry, who into her mid-40's now continues to have one of the single most magnificent bodies in all of Tinsel Town. And it's been wicked hot for some time.

In honor of the hamburger that is now Gabriel Aubry's face, we take a look some of our favorite Halle Berry hot bodied looks from over the past several years. Pretty damn amazing. Enjoy.