Who’s Hottest: Hailey Baldwin vs Joan Smalls At Gigi Hadid’s Party

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elliot-wolf - April 27, 2018

Hailey Baldwin and Joan Small have long enough legs to share with every short person on the planet and still have some left over. My goodness are those two standing on some of the sexiest stilts if I ever did see it. They’ve walked those things through my mind, into my dreams, and once again when I woke up. I can’t get enough. And when it comes to looking at these two I’m not sprinting to make a decision about who’s hotter, it’s more of a marathon and I need to see each woman strut their stuff from every angle before I can declare who crosses the finish line victorious.

In order to decide who’s the hottest I will need the assistance of my closest friends, ready with fire extinguishers just incase things get out of hand. These women obviously set off the smoke detector in every room they’ve ever walked in. And if I get close to get a better look I’ll need to wear the same suits pyrotechnicians wear just to get anywhere near these women. I may be susceptible to melting attempting to measure the degrees of heat from Hailey and Joan but it sure is worth the risk to me.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / Instagram