Who’s Hottest: Birthday Party Babes Edition With Josie Marie Cansec, Jasmine Sanders, and Delilah Hamlin

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aldo-vallon - June 12, 2018

Where were these women going, the most incognito costume party of all time? I know no one likes to come off like a try hard, but I always felt that costume parties were the one safe place for this behavior.

In order to back up my theory on the costumes please take a gander at the pants on each of the three women. Leather Pants is clearly going for the Catwoman look from Batman Returns. Green Pants is obviously Will Smith from Independence Day. And Gold Pants is going for the MC Hammer look. All very sexy in their own rights, but one is clearly sexier than them all.

Although the leather and zippers is usually a safe bet when going for sexy, it also runs the risk of triggering men’s PTSD by reminding them of their dominatrix. For that she loses points.

As good as gold is, I do not think it is in very good taste to mock a struggling MC who gave so much to our culture. For that she loses points.

And that brings us to Green Pants. Reminding me of ‘90s Will Smith smoking a victory stogie is a surefire way to get my patriot boner raging. And for that she wins the show.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA