Who’s The Hotter Sister: Abigail or Isabelle Ratchford?

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brian-mcgee - March 26, 2018

I have absolutely no excuse, other than sheer ignorance, for not knowing that Abigail Ratchford had a sister. That's right, Isabelle Ratchford is every bit her sister's equal in the looks department, and the two make for potentially the most devastating pair of sisters since... I don't know when. Maybe ever. These beauties are just that amazing.

Sometimes we get so hung up on someone that we overlook the potential that person has an equally hot sister. How many dudes have thrown in their lot, banking on a beautiful babe, only to get turned down and discovering after the fact that there was another sister he could've been spending some of that coin on? That seems like a pretty common thing, I assume. Lots of guys have that situation happen to them, right?

Of course, the truly beautiful part of this is that we don't even have to pick sides. We can love both Ratchford sisters equally, and enjoy them equally, and give them equal air time like they used to in the good old days. For the sake of argument, and in the interest of getting the comments section fired up, I'll pick Abigail. What say you, gentle reader?

Photo Credit: Twitter / Instagram