Who’s Hotter: Sexy Twins Edition With Ché and Leonie Mcsorley

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elliot-wolf - July 31, 2018

Everything that’s worth its weight in this world comes in twos. Shoes, socks, gloves, and twins. Why do you think God had given you a pair of eyes? It's obviously to enjoy looking at twins. Outside of a Saturday night at the local bar, looking at two fine women that look exactly alike is the other enjoyable way to see double. And the kicker is she’s not a mirage woman who appeared after your eighth Miller Light. Ché and Leonie Mcsorley are the hottest pair of anything I’ve seen since the time I accidentally left my Twix bars outside on the porch in the summer sun. It’s a good thing these two aren’t made of chocolate. Whether it’s a confection or insanely hot ladies, the last thing I need is another object of affection melting away before I get a chance to truly enjoy it.

I know everyone likes to say double is trouble but I like to quote Wrigley’s gum for this certain situation. Because being in the company of Ché and Leonie looks like double the pleasure and double the fun. I just know an evening out with them would be a fantastic time for all that are involved.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram