Who’s Hotter: Eve Mauro or Katrina Law?

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aldo-vallon - March 24, 2018

Well this one is a doozy. I do not think I have been tested this hard since the third grade when they tried putting me in the special class. Fitting those different shaped blocks through the right holes was tough, but I made it through, just like I will make it through this.

Katrina Law gets an early lead due to me being able to confidently pronounce her name without any assistance. Every time I have tried figuring out the correct pronunciation of a word I always end up at the International Phonetic Alphabet page on Wikipedia, which uses incoherent ancient runes, leaving me more confused than when I started. How exactly am I supposed to pronounce an upside down e?

Another area where Katrina Law has the edge is in regards to her cheekbones. I like a woman to have cheekbones that are so highly elevated they could be dubbed Little Everests, and that is something that I definitely cannot say for Eve. Her face slopes so steeply that I could host a pinewood derby on it.

Unfortunately, these two women have indistinguishable hair colors, so I cannot rightly give either of them the advantage there. So it is with great reserve that I dub Katrina the hotter of the two on this day, although I do look forward to their rematch.


Photo Credit: Splash News