Who’s Hotter: Charlize Theron and Ivanka Trump Edition

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elliot-wolf - May 8, 2018

I love a woman in uniform about as much as I love a woman in a little black dress. And seeing them both at the same time has turned into a tale of my attention being divided into two. Currently my focus is a mixture of one part Charlize Theron and one part Ivanka Trump. Charlize has my eyes superglued to her for all of the right reasons. To peel them off would be a tragedy. But if I did have to pry my eyes the only other woman worth looking at is Ivanka. Her silhouette is enough to sooth the pain of no longer staring at Theron. And getting a full look at Ivanka would make me one of the luckiest men alive.

To say Ivanka is hotter than Charlize is criminal and dismissive. Both of which I am not. I feel like answering the age old question that asks “what is the purpose of life” would be easier to answer than who’s hotter between Trump or Theron. Although I would answer that life is about turning all lemons thrown at you into lemonade, then drinking it on a breezy porch. Maybe being in the presence of either woman is the key to being truly happy in life. I know looking at either one brings a big smile to my face that doesn’t go away.

Photo Credit: Splash News