Who’s Hotter: Attention Seekers Edition With Phoebe Price and Marcela Iglesias

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aldo-vallon - April 30, 2018

Most celebrities like to keep a low profile. Whether they are going out to eat or shop they usually have a preference for staying incognito. But that is usually because there are people that will actually bother them when they are recognized. Marcela Iglesias and Phoebe Price have no such problem. I think that is why they are so willing to peacock their clothing until it gets to the point where it is impossible not to take pictures of them.

It is a solid tactic, but you hardly have to be famous for it to work. I once saw a member of the general population strip naked and start pissing in the street. He had more camera phones on him than Johnny Depp in Tokyo.

If I was simply trying to decide which one was hotter based on their ability to look like Carmen Sandiego then this would be easy, but unfortunately I hated that game as a child and refuse to give anyone points because of it. If I was giving points based on the number of hair extensions on their persons then this would be easy, but since I find that to be one of the creepier fashion accessories it is no help to me.

I suppose I will have to defer to the tried and true method of determining hotness: Who is showing more boobage? And the answer to that is Phoebe Price.



Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA