Who’d You Rather: Ariel Winter As Pamela Anderson Or Ariel Winter As Michelle Pfeiffer

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Sam Robeson - October 31, 2018


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Don’t worry, we’re also concerned by the accuracy.

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It's nice to see that we're all secure enough in our douchebaggery to admit that Ariel Winter is technically hot. Interestingly, as she gets hotter, her Modern Family costar Sarah Hyland is getting closer to becoming Carol Channing as a taco. It's some kind of D-list primetime starlet Dorian Grey shit, and if we have to sacrifice Hyland so that Winter can remain sexy, I'm okay with that.

Winter's hard nips were at full mast as stepped out dressed as Michelle Pfeiffer's character in Scarface, Elvira Hancock, for the Just Jared Halloween party this past weekend. The cheap and ill-fitting dress and wig accentuate what we love so much about Winter. Her stage four trashiness.

An even more appropriate costume came when Winter dressed as Pamela Anderson at peak Hepatitis. Winter's old boyfriend bares a striking resemblance to Kid Rock, and overall, the couple's costumes give a glimpse into Winter's future. I think she looks like the after-hours flea market stripper we always knew she could be in the Pamela Anderson costume, so obviously that's my choice. But porny Elvira Hancock might be doing it for some of you sick freaks. So, who'd you rather - Ariel Winter as Michelle Pfeiffer or Ariel Winter as Pamela Anderson?


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