Who Is Trying To Kill The Furries?

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bill-swift - December 9, 2014

Thousands of furries and the plushy weirdos who love them were evacuated from a Hyatt in Rosemont after an "intentional" chlorine gas attack. The fuzzy folk were there for the Midwest FurFest convention, one of the country's largest furries conventions. There is no word on who did it but 19 people were hospitalized after the gas was detected around noon yesterday. For those of you who don't know, furries are people who like to dress up in anthropomorphic animal costumes and pretend they are foxmen or whatever. Many, but not all, of these folks also like love in these suits. It's called "yiffing". Undoubtedly, these events put a damper on any creepy animal based orgies were going to happen at that Hyatt.

The question is who is responsible for the attacks? Was it a jealous beaver angry that their beloved uniman left them for a puppygirl? It's hard to say. Many people are turning their frightening google eyes towards the Bronies. Do they have the motive? Maybe it's because they aren't getting as much attention as they used to. I'll follow this story until we know for sure who is trying to kill the furries.

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