Who Goes Around Telling People On the Street That He’s High? This Guy! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 29, 2013

Have you ever gotten so high that you just couldn't stop yourself from telling people that you were high? I know a friend who did, and he never heard the end of it. Especially since it was his girlfriend's dad that he told. He was promptly kicked out of the house, but of course he found ways to sneak back in after that.

This guy here, though, isn't afraid to let people know. He's happy to be high and he's proud of it. So much so that he took to the streets and began to tell random people that he was doped out. Some were amused, some were unimpressed, while others were, the clip and see for yourself.

Here's a little spoiler: the dude wasn't really high (yeah, disappointing, I know.) He's actually Andrew Hails, a prankster from the LAHWF group who teamed up with contact lens company Camo Eyes to set up the hilarious prank. Enjoy!

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