Which One Of You Wrote This Bella Thorne Movie Review?

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Sam Robeson - December 7, 2018


AIDS under a microscope Bella Thorne has hit the big time, at least according to a review that she shared on Instagram. If you didn't know that Thorne was acting in a movie, then get off my lawn. Yes she's a model, yes she's a vocal sensation, yes she directs, but acting is where Thorne really shines. I honestly don't know exactly which of Thorne's performances the review is alluding to, but her most recent flick is 2018's I Still See You. Currently sitting pretty with an 11% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Well not if this unnamed-by-Thorne reviewer has anything to say about it:

The stand out in this film is without a doubt, Bella Thorne. After this performance, I do not see how she will not be getting top billing in some of Hollywood's most sought-after properties. The woman is a star. Period. I very much mean this in the Scarlet Johansson sense rather than the Meryl Streep sense, but who knows. She definitely showed more range in this film than I have ever seen from her before. Maybe Bella Thorne is the real deal all around.

Actually in order to copy and paste that blurb I had to Google a snippet, revealing that it's in reference to Thorne's performance in Ride, and that the review comes from Ain't It Cool News. I'd make fun of the site but looking around I don't feel like I have a leg to stand on. I would just like to thank author VVersustheWorl1 for finally seeing the potential in Thorne that we do. Except now that Scarlet Johansson has transitioned into a man, he might need a better comparison. Anyway cheers to the future top billing actress in Hollywood's most sought-after properties / strung out hooker!



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