When Kim Kardashian Puts on a T&A Show at LAX It’s a BFD

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bill-swift - June 5, 2012

The girl knows how to make an entrance. And with that badonkadonk of hers, she also knows how to make a rear exit.

Kim Kardashian knows full well that every time she lands at LAX there are a stream of paparazzi waiting to snap her pictures and ask her about her latest prodigal business trip (or romantic trip, which is also business). So why not put on a little show for the public in a sheer tight dress that highlights your racktastic and asstastic in a monochromatic display of all of your combined talents in one tight focused space.

If men didn't instinctively desire curves on women, Kim Kardashian would be lucky to have a baggage handling job at the airport. Ain't life funny? Enjoy.