When ESPN Met ‘League of Legends’

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chris-littlechild - February 23, 2016

2016, huh? What a freaking futuristic time to be alive. We might not all have hoverboards, like the beardy sci fi writers of the eighties promised we would by now, but still. Juno's due to arrive at Jupiter in July, McDonalds have started delivering in some places, The Simpsons is leaving the ancient DVD/Blu Ray thing behind and becoming digital-only… will the wonders never end?

But that's the thing with all this amazing techtastic going off everywhere. It leaves the crotchety old bastards among us completely lost, born as they were in a time with no Internet, cell phones, social media, touchscreens or Bieber. They're either utterly oblivious or they're pretending to be cool and down with the kids and fooling no-one, like when Bob Hope dressed up as the Fonz.

In that second group, we have ESPN. There's been talk of e-sports on the channel in the past, and their recent coverage of League of Legends is just as embarrassing as what's come before. It's all headed up by Gordon Hayward, who apparently knows his stuff when it comes to gaming, but that doesn't make it right.

You can't just splice First Blood, Double Kill, Triple Kill and Rampage pop-ups over a basketball highlight reel and pretend to know your shit. Except they can, and they have. Check out the clip over on Destructoid.

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