When Conan, ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Collide

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chris-littlechild - May 25, 2016

  As we’ve established pretty damn well by now, Conan O’Brien does not speak video game. If you’ve seen him empty an entire clip into the sidewalk trying to hit someone in Watch Dogs, or crash a chopper into some power lines while trying to blow up a Grand Theft Auto V strip club (after the bouncer sassed him), this won’t have escaped your notice.  

A gamer, he is not. Still, that’s what the Clueless Gamer segments of his show are all about. Sucking like only Conan can, and advertising the newest big releases while he’s at it. In the latest episode, two huge names collide: Overwatch and Game of Thrones.

Oh yes indeed. We have our host, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headley, a set that looks like a giant vajajay, and the poorest-quality iron throne you ever saw. If that doesn’t sound like an all-round good night to you, then you’re far too damn hard to please.

Conan himself sits this one out for a while, but the two Thrones stars’ uselessness at the new shooter prompts him to hop in and show them how it’s done. At which point, it all gets even worse. Still, the session ends with a high heels and shiny ass-athon, and Conan’s head on a spike. You can’t say fairer than that. 

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