What’s That, ‘Watch Dogs’? Another Action-tacular Trailer? Don’t Mind If We Do (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 15, 2013

For those of us who has been secluded in a cave somewhere for the last year or so, crapping in the undergrowth and oblivious to personal hygiene/recent occurrences in the gamingsphere (presumably because they're wanted by the police, we know your sort), Watch Dogs is all kinds of a big deal. Since its first E3 appearance, it has risen to be among the most anticipated games of the next generation.

This momentum is mostly maintained by thrusting endless streams of gameplay at us. So what have we missed? Much the same as the stuff we haven't missed, it turns out. Which is just how we like it in Watch Dogs' badass case.

So feast your eyes, ears and balls on the above. Our ol' buddy Aiden is looking more and more like the dudely dude we want him to be: a Grand Theft Auto protagonist with a few extra technical tricks. In this ‘Honored' trailer, we see the extent of his hacking insight into passers-by (one woman, apparently, is ‘addicted to online auctions'), a heaping helping of dramatic slow-mo, some light car theft, and the usual ball busting violence. This baby isn't an official Ego-favorite for nothing.

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