What’s That, ‘GTA V’? Heists ARE Freaking Coming?

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chris-littlechild - December 23, 2014

Were you there for the whole Grand Theft Auto V rollercoaster? Back when Online was first released last year, and was a horrifying buggy shitstorm that crashed and burned because the whole effing world was trying to play the same tutorial level simultaneously?

Then you'll feel the pain of the GTA extremists. The renegade band of no-goodniks who broke into Rockstar HQ at 4am and shat on the desks because where are our damn heists?

They were among the biggest new features of the fifth game. An entirely new, multi-faceted sort of mission, offering payouts beyond anything the series has offered so far. For many of us, heists were one of the main draws of Grand Theft Auto Online. These are real criminal-mastermind-y tactical jobs, and the chance to try them out in co-op was what we all signed up for.

Since the game became more stable, it's been unleashing more DLC content than you can shake your wang at. New content packs have brought us additional cars, weapons, missions and gear. Each of them has arrived with a lil' footnote that heists are still 'coming soon.'

And now, finally, they're close enough to smell. Still TBA (early 2015), sure, but there's a trailer now. Trailers, as we know, mean effing business. Check it out below, courtesy of IGN.