What Was In The Notorious Atari Landfill? Craptacular Atari Games. Obviously

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bill-swift - April 29, 2014

Well well. For decades, this was long thought to be a legend. Like the Loch Ness Monster, or Bigfoot, or a celebrity who can extricate herself from a taxi without displaying her cooch to the zoom lens of a thousand paparazzo. But no. Very, very no. This was actually true.

Earlier this month, we heard that the Atari landfill was finally being investigated. In the early eighties, allegedly, reams of unsold copies of the ballache E.T game were buried here. It was presumably the standard nuclear waste protocol: damn it, dude, get that shit as far underground as possible before we all die of its terrible terribleness. The story was repeated, Chinese Whispers fashion, and nobody knew what was real and what was BS.

But now they do, and nothing was BS. This weekend, Kotaku brought us the above image from Chris Kohler at Wired, showing that the team did indeed strike gold. Well, not gold as such, but certainly millions of effing E.T the Extra-Terrestrial cartridges.

Once again, man's inquisitive natural unearths an evil force buried underground which should never have been disturbed. Just like in all those damn movies.

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