What Have We Learned From The New ‘Skyfall’ Trailer? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 4, 2012

James Bond is back! Yes!

The new Skyfall trailer launched yesterday to ecstatic reviews and the orgasmic purrs of Bondites from around the world. You can check it out above. It rocks, so watch it twice.

Forget about all of these overhyped superheros who have been blighting our screen, 007 is only months away.

Sam Mendes of American Beauty and Road To Perdition fame is directing the latest instalment to the Bond franchise with Daniel Craig resuming his duties as J.B. Javier Bardem is the movie's antagonist Raoul Silva, whilst Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney will each have integral roles too.

But what have we truly learned from the new Skyfall trailer? Take a peek below the drop to find out.

Daniel Craig is turning into the quintessential Bond - Craig is beginning to combine all of the elements that we have come to know and love about James. He looks funny, stylish, charming and deadly in this epic trailer with the script looking like it'll give him a full range of emotions to play with as he's shot at, presumed dead, fights back and resurrected all in one fail swoop. His jump onto a collapsing train and then the straightening of his tie is set to be iconic.

M & Q will be integral - The return of Q was met with a sigh of relief by Bond fans who have missed him in his hard edged previous escapades and Ben Whishaw looks to have embodied the role perfectly. Judie Dench also looks set to be unleashed with M seemingly in the midst of a career crisis having made a horrific mistake that starts the film's plot.

Sam Mendes won't be too artsy fartsy - Let's face it there was always a chance that Mendes might take Bond out to the suburbs and focus on the collapse of his marriage and domestic life. But no, there seems to be an abundance of action set-pieces and explosions that will delight and the director seems set to shoot it in a traditional Bond fashion, we hope.

Javier Bardem, weird traitor? - It's hard to be certain but Silva looks like he has a special relationship with Bond and his assertion that they are the only two left means that maybe they've worked together before. I don't know, but all we can be certain of is that Javier Bardem has again employed a heinous haircut for the good of a role.

It's going to be immense - Come on! Look at it! It seems like the modern 007 has collided with the works of Connery, Moore, Dalton etc and we finally have the old J.B back! We'll have to wait until 26th October to make 100% sure though.