We’ve Already Reached the Singularity and It Occurred When This Newscaster Lists What Movies Are Coming Out in the Summer of ’82 (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 26, 2013

You know when you're lying in bed with your escort girlfriend with the early morning sunlight streaming in through the blinds and she asks you 'If you could live at any time in human history, when would it be?' Now you can look her straight in the eye and say 'Summer 1982, baby. Now go make me some pancakes!' This spoiler-heavy news broadcast from the summer of 1982 with a summer movie preview will rock your world by how the crux of genre film history came together at a single point in human history like the Gathering in Highlander.

Half the films even made today owe something to the films listed in this one countdown of movies and while we take for granted how every other week there's some big CGI extravaganza with talking robots or battleships or world's created on a computer, these movies all had better human stories and are more memorable than anything these days and they do it all with really shitty 80s special FX. So worship at the altar of the Summer of '82.

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