Well, This is Stupid: Deranged Spider-man Satirical Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 21, 2013

Some people are crazy while others are just plain nuts. Deranged Spider-Man here falls into the latter category. Clearly, there's no way in hell a dude can develop super-powers just because he was bitten by some radiated spider. It's more believable that he was driven to madness because he got poisoned by the venom.

I think that much can be concluded based on how crazily Peter Parker behaves at various points of his poisoning transformation.

The satirical trailer called Spiderman 4D was created by Oliver Age 24, who's also behind How To Draw Really Good. His YouTube channel features hilarious tutorials on how to not draw really good. In short, his drawings are bad--really bad--and that's what makes the whole thing so funny.

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