Well, Damn, The ‘Mighty No.9’ Credits Are Four Hours Long

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chris-littlechild - June 25, 2016

  You know what sucks? Commercials, that’s what. They’re not such a big issue now, sure. In the fancy-ass futuristic world of 2016, we can rewind and pause live TV as much as we like, as though that isn’t some kind of terrifying dark magic. Either that, or we’re doing all our TV-watching online. But if you’ve ever tried to watch a movie on regular TV, you’ll have been beset by ad breaks out the wazzoo.  

It’s as bad as the darn ads on YouTube videos. Has anyone, ever, not hit that skip ad button as soon as it appeared? No, no they haven’t. Sometimes, you don’t even get to skip them, and when you’re a super busy dude watching a llama pube shaving tutorial or something, those 30 seconds are oh-so important.

Anywho, a similar first world problem is credits being too darn long. This is generally more than skippable too, but sometimes you’re stuck. What if you want to see that Marvel movie’s bonus two nanoseconds of post-credits footage? You’re stuck there watching an endless cascade of names, until you see it as you try to sleep like Tetris blocks.

Mighty No.9, Inafune’s kinda sorta Mega Man spiritual successor, just took the crappy credits cake. The game’s 70,000 Kickstarter backers are all named individually, making for a credits roll that lasts for just shy of four hours. 3 hours and 48 minutes, as Destructoid reports, is longer than an average playthrough of the game itself, which is sure something.

What do you get for making it through every name? Nothing. Well, you might reach a zen-like state of hypnotic tranquility as you watch the cascade, but otherwise.  

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