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bill-swift - June 12, 2015

Lots of little boys wanted toy trains or cap guns or just for their father's to pat them on the head and tell them, 'We all make mistakes, son, I'll gladly help you bury the body.' All I ever wanted was a girlfriend, For Tuesday. And a different one on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Somebody super hot with those fabulous front fun things that made me feel like I had a purpose in life long before I even understood those feelings.

Sexy celebrities have always been my weakness. Well, you know, one of a couple or three dozen. Like the girls themselves, I've been dreaming of Egotastic before it even existed. It's my joy daily to share my favorite sights with you and some other fun visual and written material to help your day go by with just a few more good feelings.

Egotastic launches into its second phase today. Not exactly a Caitlyn Jenner level makeover, more of a Kendall Jenner make-out session. We've blown up into two sites. Egotastic.com which will feature a bevy of beauties that won't get you kicked in the shins by your girlfriend or human resources department. And EgotasticAllStars, which is our daily review of celebrity content for the discerning gentleman who prefers his ladies without clothes. This will allow us to maximize the content on both sites, without all the middling rules and corporate and government firewalls confounding us in modern days.

All I can ever really promise you is the best of the best of the sextastic celebrity content, maybe a couple laughs, and something to distract you while my intern Zeb steals your hubcaps. Damn, I'm old. I meant spinners.  Enjoy.

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