Weird Crap They Sell On Amazon: Pork Chocs

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bill-swift - May 1, 2014

I'm not going to lie, I love pork rinds. I don't eat them anymore because I want to live to see forty but that crap is delicious. I'm Cuban and we eat pork any way we can get it. My childhood barbecues involved my cousins and I chewing on slow roasted pig skin. However, they aren't good for you. Like, at all. It's fried pork fat for God's sake. But what would make it even worse for you? Dip it in chocolate, of course! Pork Chocs are a chocolate dipped pork rind that comes in dark, milk, or white chocolate. The description says,

"They're sweet with a hint of saltiness and crunchy all wrapped up in one! Available in your choice of milk, dark or white sugar free Belgian chocolate they're a low carb dieters dream come true, high in protein and low in carbs!"

Sure, they are low in carbs but don't try and make it seem healthy by advertising that it's sugar-free. At the point that you are eating chocolate covered pork rinds you've given up on life and don't really care about your health. This is what you eat right before you blow your brains out or if you are intentionally trying to eat yourself to death. Get it here.

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