Weird Crap Sold On Coupon Sites: Men Super Padded Butt-Enhancer Underwear

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michael-garcia - April 12, 2016

We are big fans of booties here at Egotastic as I'm sure all of you know. But ladies like to look at men's butts as well, (and dudes who like dudes as well). Who wants a flat butt anyway? A nice bubble butt is good on either gender. But what if you were born with no ass syndrome? Well, don't fret my pet. There is the Men’s Super Padded Butt-Enhancer Underwear. It's a pair of undies, in boxers or briefs, with special foam butt pads to give you a shapely booty. The blurb says,

"Pre-shaped contour foam embedded in these briefs adds a natural-looking curve to men’s derrieres."

Indeed. But isn't this false advertisement? It's like back in Jr. High when girls used to stuff their bras with tissues. Surely, if all goes well, you'll be taking off your undies and showing your real butt to the person that you butt catfished into sleeping with you. What then? They will know the truth of your backside lies. Think things through, people. Get it here.

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