Weird-Ass Kickstarter ‘Blood Sport’ Controller Takes Your Blood Each Time You’re Shot

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chris-littlechild - November 25, 2014

Yup, your actual blood. Because sometimes, video games mean effing business. It's all getting a little Running Man around here (sure, that was a game show; but who the hell can be assed with details on a Monday morning).

Kickstarter is home to a lot of weirdly weirdness. To get the funding you seek, you'll be needing a novel idea, or a popular cause for people to get their cashtacular behind. Alternatively, you could bring the world a games controller that makes blood donations ‘fun.' Gentlemen, meet Blood Sport.

This, right here, is an actual thing that's happening. You know how it is: hospitals have a real shortage of sweet, sweet crimson life-juice. How do we get all the cool kids on board and giving blood? It's really simple, quoth Kotaku. The electrical signal from a controller's rumble is linked to a fairly standard blood collection system. Every time the controller rumbles, some blood is taken from you.

Yep, it's as simple as callously slapping ‘Nintendo' branding on ecstasy tablets. And by simple, I mean mothereffin' crazy. Still, you can check out more on the Blood Sport system back at Kotaku.

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