Weed Mayonnaise Tastes Like Weed, But Won’t Get You High

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bill-swift - April 24, 2013

What good is weed if all you get is all its flavors, minus the high that usually comes with it? Not much, in my opinion, but that's what one French fry chain in the Netherlands called Manneken Pis has to offer with Wietsaus aka Weed-flavored mayonnaise. It's kind of like the opposite to a nicotine patch.

You get none of the chemicals and all of the taste, but that kind of defeats the purpose of wanting to smoke weed in the first place.

Wietsaus is described to be 'creamy' and 'dense', while containing the 'unmistakable taste of weed.' Inspired by the 'pervasive smell of weed smoke on the street,' Manneken Pis now lets diners with selective tastes experience their food with a hint of weed when the urge arises.

Just think of all the things you'll be able to cook up with this stuff.

Check It Out: Manneken Pis

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