We Ask the Ego-Readers: What’s Your Most Hotly Anticipated Video Game? (PHOTOS)

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chris-littlechild - July 13, 2012

This year's electro-extravaganza at E3 was a wonder to behold. There were women who -get this!- donned cleavage-accentuating apparel! And prodigious use of that face that wordlessly conveys, pay attention to this video game, and I'll sex you up. Except I won't. That Cheetos-dusted neckbeard isfantasticallyunattractive. There's more sexual allure in a Bulldog's balls, frankly (If you can even conceive of just what the hell such an expression might look like.) What would grandma say? (Precious little, I'd wager. She was there, cavorting with the nerdtacular crowd in her t-shirt from Hooters. There's nary enough brain-bleach in the Milky Way to expunge that image.) When not engaging in some insidious ogling shenanigans, we also bore witness to some of the impending gaming greats.

But which upcoming digital dalliance are you anticipating the most? If perhaps there was one video game the mailman could stride into the future like an overweight, alcoholic Doctor Who, retrieve and deliver to you right now (via the arcane sorcery that all mailmen inherently command), which would you select? One of the E3 highlights above, or a rather more obscure confection? Take a look at our picks, then let us know your choice with some informed comment-ing.

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