Water Cannon Helicopter: Leveling Up Water Fights and Drinking Games

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bill-swift - December 13, 2012

Water guns and balloon fights are so yesterday. The dawn of a new age in water battle has come, and it's an era where the guns have been replaced with water-shooting, remote controlled helicopters so you can do maximum damage even if you're a few meters from your opponent.

Some people call it cowardly, while others think it's a neat way to start and end fights without having to reveal yourself and get wet.

The Water Cannon Helicopter is built with a solid metal frame and has an infrared trasmitter and charger built into it. The copter's counter-rotating blades add to its mid-air stability, while the electronic water blaster takes care of the whole water squirting thing. Of course, you can choose to fill its tank up with booze instead to invent a new drinking game that you can play with the guys...

Buy It Now: $39.99

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