Watching Elle Fanning Eat Is A Frightening Experience

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earl-jonas - November 23, 2017

I've always said that if I was a celebrity - something that I'm obviously on track to becoming - I would only eat in the confines of a secured windowless bathroom, because everyone looks ridiculous when they eat, and the paps love nothing more than to document celebrities looking ridiculous when they eat. In steps Elle Fanning, who practically glows while getting a bite out next to a parking lot. Except it's more of a gigantic man sandwich than a bite, and while Fanning inevitably can expect to find the paps hiding behind the bushes wherever she goes and couldn't have expected anything less during this occasion, she said "YOLO" and devoured her sandwich like she was taking down a gazelle in the Serengeti. Again, this is probably what we all look like while eating, but we only get to witness the hilarity with celebrities, so, here we are. Ew you gross freak! 


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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