Watch Out Honey Boo Boo, ‘After School Special Award’ Winning Cheerleader Sarah Jones Gets Her Own Reality Show

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bill-swift - October 27, 2012

Just incase you didn't think it was true love between former teacher/Bengals cheerleader/Mrs. Robinson impersonator Sarah Jones and Cody York, the 17-year-old student of hers she was plowing, things just got real. Or, well reality tv show real, which is, well let's face, it's pretty fake. It's mostly fake. It's scripted, folks.

As Radar reported, Jones, 27, is being courted by the producers of Jersey Shore to star in her own TV show now that she's kind of off the hook with a plea bargain she made that allows her to avoid a jail sentence or registering as  a sex offender (what's the point of having sex with an underage student if you don't even get to go door-to-door and brag about it to all your neighbors?).

Ostensibly the show would focus on Jones and her relationship with Cody York (also the name of the main antagonist in my Gossip Girl-esque spec pilot I'm working on), who is now 18 and still dating the cougar, er--Bengals cheerleader. Two major public concerns have spread following news of the possible reality show. Many are outraged that Jones is being rewarded for her bad behavior and that if the gender roles were reversed, she would be publicly shunned and possibly behind bars. Many are also curious why Jones would accept a deal to be shot in HD, which would certainly show off just how busted her face actually is.

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