‘Watch Dogs’ Exclusive PlayStation Content Revealed, Xbox Jimmies Hardly Rustled (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 25, 2014

Ubisoft recently revealed that the much ballyhooed Watch Dogs will sport exclusive PS3 and PS4 content. With our cynical hats on, we knew from the off that it would be less than ball-bustingly significant. Y'know, a couple of extras, welcome enough but nothing major. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag style.

Now, we can all feast our eyes on the Sony-only (which is fun to say) content above. And confirm that, yes, it's a nice little bonus pack, but we can get our Watch Dogs on just fine without it.

On offer is a crop of four missions, which constitutes an hour of explodey hacktastic you won't experience anywhere else. There's also an exclusive costume, the white hat hacker outfit, which we'll excuse you for not shitting your undercrackers about. We'll reserve the ticker tape parade for something other than an alternative color of headgear and dumbass face scarf. Then, to complete the set of extra offerings, there's something which may be of use: the hacker boost.

This perk grants you, as mstarz reports, " extra battery slot on your mobile - the rechargeable meter which regulates your use of hacking powers." The message, then, is clear: when you want to do that funky trick with the rising barriers to stop the encroaching police cars, you'll be damn glad you're playing on PlayStation. Or something.

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