‘Watch Dogs 2’ Is Coming, But We Already Knew That

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chris-littlechild - June 9, 2016

  Ah, Watch Dogs. Back in the bygone days of yore, when PS4 and Xbox One were still next-gen and not current-gen systems, Watch Dogs was right up there on the hypetastic-o-meter. This was the kind of experience we can expect, we were told. A big ol’ free-roamy playground world of a city, where everything and everyone was hackable.  

We all saw the trailers. Our hero Aiden Pierce being chased, jumping from a bridge like a mad renegade mama-jama with no effs to give, landing on a speeding train, hacking said train and changing its course so he could ride along the top of it to safety. This was a playable, futuristic, Minority Report-ish action movie of a game. Apparently.

While it sure as hell wasn’t bad, as such, the game didn’t quite walk the walk as well as it talked the talk. Nothing was shifting Grand Theft Auto V from the top of the free-roam-around-a-vast-city-doing-whatever-the-eff-you-want genre. So, a couple years on, let’s see if the freshly-announced Watch Dogs 2 can do any better.

Freshly officially announced, that is. The Internet already knew this was coming, then there was a teaser trailer for the reveal trailer. But that’s just how Ubisoft roll. Let’s humor the poor guys, and take our first ogle at the where-the-hell-did-this-come-from Watch Dogs 2.

Pretend it’s one of those really shitty surprise birthday parties. Act surprised.

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