Was Blowing Up The Death Star An Inside Job?

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bill-swift - March 20, 2013

What really happened that fateful day a long time ago when the Death Star was blown up? Are we to believe that a group of rebels led by a floppy-haired hick could destroy the "ultimate power in the universe"? What is the likelihood anyone could get a missile in a small exhaust port even if they could bullseye womprats? All of these questions and more are answered in this video, Luke's Change. It's a pitch perfect spoof on the Loose Change documentary that convinced thousands of lunatics and high guys that corner you at a party that 9/11 was inside job. While I tend to believe that Luke did in fact blow up the Death Star, the doc does bring up some interesting questions. For example, in his final run down the trench was Darth Vader really trying to kill his son or was he acting as a his wingman? Can you handle the truth?

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