Want a TARDIS in Your Own Backyard? Then Build One (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 4, 2012

Are your hands itching to do something productive? Are you looking for the perfect excuse so you can beg off from doing your chores (and homework)? Then it's time you started building your own TARDIS.

For example:

Your Ma: Luther, take out the trash!

You: I can't, ma, I'm busy.

Your Ma: With what?!
You: Building something. It's TARDIS.

Your Ma: (Probably thinking: What the heck is that? It must be something important.) Okay, son!

Of course, that's only for those people who still with their mothers.

TARDIS is the world's most awesome faux phone booth yet, maintaining a discreet exterior while being able to do all sorts of crazy stuff (like go back in time) in reality. Of course, no such thing exists in the real world, but you can change all that by setting up your own TARDIS to impressive the bajeezus out of your neighbors and girlfriend (I doubt your parents would be impressed by a giant-sized TARDIS, unless they also happen to be huge fans of Doctor Who.)

All you need are mediocre building skills at best, but don't expect a TARDIS as snazzy-looking as the one featured in the video if you can't hold your own with a hammer and a nail. Just saying. (And don't say we didn't warn you!)

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