Wait, Video Games WON’T Turn Our Children Into Homicidal Maniacs?

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chris-littlechild - August 5, 2014

If there's one thing our ol' buddies in the media like to bitch about, it's every freaking video game ever (which isn't so much one thing as several hundred things, but we shan't be pernickety about that). If it turns out that the latest crazy-ass killer once played Doom or Resident Evil or something for ten minutes back in 1999, you can bet your balls that this will be portrayed as the main factor in Stabby Joe's rampage.

If they're not inciting us to mass acts of knife-brandishing ghastliness, they're simply ruining our eyesight, giving us migraines or making us antisocial basement-dwellers. Remember the 3DS's release? According to the tabloids, that bastard's 3D effect would melt your eyeballs at a hundred paces.

But fear not, gentlemen. Actual sciencey scientists, who presumably know their shit when it comes to the sciencetastic, are still on our side. Kinda sorta.

Yep. Kotaku brings us a rare example of gaming getting some good press. A recent survey reports that our urchins really should be getting their game on. We're told,
"...a short spell of video game playing each day may lead to happier, better adjusted children, and not the emotionless killers the media suggests digital entertainment is breeding. Psychologist Dr Andrew Przybylski believes gaming may help children grow emotionally through giving them access to a shared language and skillset, and that by limiting a child's gaming time parents may in effect be limiting its ability to relate to its friends."

Naturally, that's more science than anyone wants in their damn faces on a Monday morning, but it's good to hear. There is a warning that extending this ‘short spell' to several hours can be detrimental, but you can't have everything. Hit the link for more on this.

Via Kotaku.

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