VS Model Josephine Skriver Steps Out In Faptastic Cutout Dress

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elliot-wolf - March 16, 2018

Models have a very hard job. I can only imagine the amount of hours it must take to find the perfect outfit after a lady fine tunes her face with make-up. It can’t be an easy task to look that great all day but Josephine Skriver makes it look like a breeze. Her chassis in that tear drop dress looks prettier than my pickup truck in a new coat of paint. This happens to be one of those rare times I’m glad I wasn’t around to see her in person because I’d spend the entire evening on one knee asking her to marry me. Josephine is hotter than a cast-iron radiator heater left on for hours in the middle of August. I get a case of the sweats just looking at her.

If I were fortunate enough to be the gentleman in her life I’d do better than just lending Josephine a leather motorcycle jacket for the night, I’d purchase one for her to keep. She’ll think of me every time she’s cold and reaches for a coat. We can even stitch each other’s initials in the inner lining of the outerwear. It beats carving them into a tree and will last longer because you can’t cut a leather jacket down.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA