VS Angel Sara Sampaio’s Sextastic Exercise Shots On Snapchat

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aldo-vallon - December 26, 2017

 Is that a woman actually using the weights at a gym for her upper body? She is like a damned unicorn. I was beginning to think there was a law against women using the cable machines. The only women i ever see using weights at the gym are working their legs. I feel the need to add that I fully support their decision to do so. I will forfeit any right I have towards the squat racks if it means there will be more apple bottoms in the future.

As impressed as I am by Sara Sampaio's workout routine, I am equally as impressed by the fact that her gym is nearly empty. Whose balls do I have to fondle in order to get free reign of the weight room? Yes, my initial offer is a thorough fondling, over the trousers, and if that is not accepted then I will up the ante from there. 

Every gym that I have ever been to is so busy at all hours of the day that I am forced to share machines. By share, what I really mean is the sleezy old man in sweat pants refuses to get off the quad machine, so I am forced to sit on his lap. But that is just the price one pays for good looks. 



Photo Credit: Snapchat

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